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American Veteran Search

This site gets personally involved in helping you search for your miiitary friends.

Army Knowledge Online

The Army portal. Search army websites. Find forts, units, forms, regulations and people. Daily Army news.

Combined Arms Research Library

This site provides access to publications of the Combat Studies Institute and Command and General Staff College Press, they include research studies, reports, surveys, and bibliographies. It gives a complete listing of publications for the past twenty years, most of which provide access to the full text of the document. The publications cover a wide range of subjects including military history, military theory and the practice of the military arts.

FLW Interactive Community

Ft. Leonard Wood valuable links and local community forums. Find school, job, hotel, motel, work information. Interact with the locals of pulaski county missouri.

Rongstad's Worldwide Military Pages

This site provides links to a wide range of military sites. These links are grouped into subject areas, which include war and the history of war, the art of war, battles, military news, military books, information warfare, civilian internment, Iraq War, blogs, military web rings, the United States and weapons.

US Army Center of Military History

The US Army Center of Military History maintains the official history of the US army in terms of organization, structure and operations. The web site provides access to many full text documents including online papers and reports on the major conflicts which the army has been involved, from the 1800's to the present day. Included are: the War of Independence; First and Second World Wars; Vietnam War; Korean War and the Cold War. Battle accounts, financial documents and military law are also included. Access to the centers library catalog is possible,there are guides to researching military history. Information on the history of organizational changes in the American Army and news on military history events are all included on the web site. There is also an image archive.

USAF ParaRescue Online

PARARESCUEMEN provide emergency medical treatment necessary to stabilize and evacuate injured personnel while acting in an enemy evading recovery role. In addition, PARARESCUEMEN provide contingency landing sites for NASA missions.

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