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Women In Combat

Women in combat. It's a killer issue. Near as I can tell, both sides are wrong. The extreme right says women don't belong in combat because that's the way God made things. Nice try fella's but it has no teeth in a secular society so forget it. Then they say women can't do the job. True, the majority probably can't handle the physical requirements of, say, Navy SEAL training, but a few probably could if we had the nads to test them.

Then the extreme left says 'women have an equal right to all the opportunities men have.' Sounds good in theory but not relevant to this issue. National defense is not about equal employment. Still there is a fairness issue. If we let women serve we must give them every opportunity to perform in every job.

We are the lowest bidders in the society's contract for national defense. It has always been this way and always will. If we did not allow women in the military we would have to lower the standard that much more to get 20% more men to apply. Right now we'll take just about any thug with a high school diploma. Do we really want the entrance standards to go any lower?

So, now we have all these women and people whine about gender-norming of PT standards. There is a distinction between physical fitness and physical ability. The military requires its people to be physically fit according to their age and gender. Physically fit means you're healthy enough to get out of your own way and you won't die of a heart attack while driving the colonel to the golf course.

Some jobs also require a level of physical ability. There is no discrimination in having an absolute standard of physical ability to be a SEAL while maintaining a gender matched set of standards for retention in the Navy. So no problem.

Next issue: sex in the fox hole. People have been getting laid at the wrong times in wrong the places for as long as people have been getting laid. So what.

Full integration of women into all jobs will bring with it some problems. But the failure to deliver equal treatment is at the heart of most of the gender related problems we're having now.

Kelly Flynn would not have been able to drag the Air Force around by the nose if they could be certain they were treating everyone the same. Tailhook would not have happened if there had been women F-14 pilots in that hotel.

The left will not relent. We will be the lab rats and we are expected to succeed where the rest of the Great Society has failed but the full integration of women is inevitable.

The real danger is that it will continue to be mis-handled by boot-licking officers chasing congressional dollars.

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Women In Combat

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