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The Enlisted Soldier

In days gone by armies were led by the upperclass of society. These men carried the core values of their service and a vested interest in the defense of their land. The enlisted or conscript soldier was whatever peasant scum the local Lord could force into battle.

This is not the case in the all-volunteer modern U.S. military. Todays enlisted people are the best trained, best paid, and best educated troops ever gathered and they are the true keepers of the service's and the Nations core values.

Never in human history has there been a fighting force as effective as the U.S. Military. It's greatest strength is the enlisted men and women who do the actual work of maintaining, and on occassion, deploying this force.

Meanwhle, a highly-competitive officer corps has evolved into an elitist club that eats its young and tolerates neither mistakes nor creativity. They keep their heads buried deep in the sand of political correctness and have traded their honor for their careers.

This web site is created by and for enlisted people, past and present. While we are highly critical of the decisions our leaders make, we remain loyal to our service and our country, and especially to the people with whom we serve.

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The Enlisted Soldier

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